Start-up reports assist in assuring Zoeller products are installed the way the manufacturer has intended. It is also a tool used in warranty claims and troubleshooting. Once this report is properly filled out, signed for approval, and on file with Zoeller Company. Failure to do so could result in loss of warranty.

Basic Information

Job Name:
Installing Contractor:
Contractor Phone#:
Installation Date:
Rep Agency:
Start-Up Date:
Start-Up Technician:
Technician Phone#:

System Information

Round Basin
Square Basin
Is Valve Box present?
Do Valves Operate Correctly?
Depth of Discharge
Distance Between Pump and Control Panel:
Size of Inlet(s):
Depth of Invert from Cover
Number of Pumps
Junction Box Used:
Float Depths from Bottom of Pump Basin
Off Float*:
*Lowest float in system
Floats tethered at least 3.5”- 4”
Start/Lead Float
Floats tethered at least 3.5”- 4”
Pressure Switch:
High Water Alarm Float
Floats tethered at least 3.5”- 4”
Number of Backup Floats
Lag Float
Floats tethered at least 3.5”- 4”
Other Switches Used
Verify floats operate in sequence

Pump Information

Control Panel

Panel Manufacturer:
Panel Part Number:
Be sure panel is securely mounted:
Measured Incoming Voltage at Terminal:
Panel Amp Range:
Supply Voltage Wire Gauge Size:
Is pump 50hz or 60hz?:

Is the Panel Connected to a SCADA System?

Pumps are able to operate on voltage that is +/- 5% of the pump's tag voltage.
Check all field and manufacturing wiring in the panel to be secure on the terminal block.

Functional Draw Down Test

This test will determine the gallons per minute (GPM) produced from the pumps in this application.
  1. Fill the basin with enough water below the inlet to run a pump for a period of one minute. If this is not possible, you can run for 15 or 30 seconds then multiply that out to meet one minute.
  2. Using a tape measure, measure from the top of the basin lip down to the top of the water level.
  3. Using the HOA switch, put in HAND to manually run the pump at the same time using a stop watch to track your time limit.
  4. After one minute, measure again from the top of the basin to the water level.
  5. Once you have the GPM calculated, use the provided performance curve included in the pump packet to determine where the GPM falls within the curve and it's correlating TDH.

Gallons Per Inch Reference Guide

Round Basin:
3.142 X radius square then divide by 231
    Example - 72" dia. basin: 3.142 x 36 x 36 = 4,072 cu in.
        4,072/231 = 17.63 gallons/inch

Square/Rectangular Basin:
(Length x Width) / 231 = gallons/inch
Round Basin Dia. Gallons/Inch

Final Checklist

Is control panel securly installed?
Does the alarm light activate?
Is wiring diagram in control panel?
If applicable, does the audible alarm activate?
Motor protection switches set to FLA?
Basin clear of any foreign debris?
Do pump(s) run in HAND?
Valves are in the open position?
Do pump(s) run in AUTO?
Verify HOA switch in the AUTO.
3/16” vent hole.

System Pictures

*Pump Tag
Pump Overview
Exterior Panel
*Internal Panel
Basin Picture
*Inside of Basin
Inside of Value Box, if applicable

* required

Attach Supporting Documentation

Multiple files supported, 10Mb max for all files combined.

File Name
File Size




Phone Number



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